La Petita Dimensió is an office for space production born in 2010 thanks to the continued collaboration between Susana Aristoy and Filena Di Tommaso, working in two different venues; Barcelona and Bologna.


Susana Aristoy is an architect graduated from the UPC Barcelona (1999) and holds a master degree in Digital Art Curatorship from Ramon Llull University (2011). Since 2003 she combines her professional activity with teaching. She is currently responsible for  the subject Project and Technology at ESDI Interior Design College, where she is also a member of the Final Degree Project Committee. She has over 15 years of work experience taking part on the design and construction phases of architectural projects. She has previously collaborated with Albert de Pineda (PINEARQ) as a Head of Projects and Project Manager mostly in healthcare architecture.

Filena Di Tommaso is an architect and designer graduated from the Università degli Studi di Firenze, the Delft University of Technology in Holland, and the Instituto Europeo di Design di Torino with a master degree in Digital Art Curatorship from Ramon Llull University (2011). She is passionate about all creative processes, and shows a strong vocation towards field experimentation and predilection for the intuitive. With 15 years of experience, she has worked in multidisciplinary and international teams, focusing on interior and ephemeral design, art and urban regeneration and reactivation strategies. From 2005 to 2012 she was partner of Territori 24 (Architecture and Urbanism), until 2014 she was part of Acces_sos (International Urban Projects and Research).

Silvia Bernad is an interior designer graduated from BAU Design College (2010) and in Exhibition Design from the UPC in Barcelona.  She has gained work experience abroad, collaborating on a wide range of projects, from residential to exhibition design and cultural events  in Barcelona and Berlin. Her interest in exploring relational aspects of design that particulary links space, philosophy and art, led her to study a Research master degree in Art and Design at UAB (2017) focusing on urban ecology of the senses.

Nuria Cagigal is a young architect graduated from the University of the Basque Country and the University of Lisbon with a strong vocation for social approach and art. Since 2013 she has collaborated with different nonprofit organizations participating in several architecture and urbanism projects from a cultural and social perspective. She co-founded the collective Artikistas, where she began to deepen her interest in the relationship between art, civic participation and urban space.