La Petita Dimensio does’nt work isolated, it searches connections, it’s a flexible structure with specifics collaborators for every new project.

Founders – Filena Di Tommaso and Susana Aristoy

Susana Aristoy
Architect, in 1999. She founds her own study where she develops architectural projects both public and private. She collaborates during the first years with different studies of architecture, consolidating a wide experience in coordination of all the processes and persons who take part in the development of the project and of the work. Her collaboration as chief of team with Pinearq (Albert de Pineda, architect) stands out in the draft of projects and direction of work in the area of the sanitary equipment. Nowadays she combines the professional activity in The Petita Dimensió with the teaching at ESDI (University of Ramon Llull).

Filena di Tommaso
Architect, during her studies she specializes in exhibition design and works in textile design and fashion at Magnacervo atelier. After her degree she acquires experience in the area of architectural Restoration and Conservation of historical buildings with ADT engineering in Bologna. She moves to Barcelona and in 2005, she founds the company “Territori24 architecture and urbanism s.l.p.”. Here she develops projects of design and research on new forms of habitability of public space. Since 2006 she teaches  Scenery and lighting, Design of furniture and multidisciplinary projects in ESDI (University Ramon Llull).



Territori 24 arquitectura i urbanisme slp , technical support

Silvia Bernard, exhibitdesigner

David Gomez Frutos, rehabilitation specialist, Technical architect

Albert Alvarez – Dbolit, illustrator

Estudi Conrad Torras, graphic design





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